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Effective Mosquito Control for Commercial Properties

Whether your commercial property is a business or a resort, we understand your need for effective mosquito control services and we know how to provide a solution that improves outdoor comfort for your guests and customers without wrecking your budget.

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Mosquito Control That Keeps Your Guests Comfortable

From corporate campuses and industrial parks to outdoor music venues and property management groups, commercial mosquito control services from Clarke will help keep your guests and residents safe and comfortable outside, and keep them coming back regularly to visit your business.

Whether you prefer to set up mosquito control treatments on a regular schedule or request on-demand services as needed, we have the operational experience, equipment, and staff to deliver.

Mosquito Control Treatment Types

Clarke uses two different treatment methods for mosquito control services on commercial and recreational properties. The appropriate mix of treatment types will depend on the size and nature of your property. Our fully-licensed mosquito control applicators provide:

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Barrier Applications

Barrier applications are applied using an EPA-registered insecticide through a backpack to the foliage around your property. This is where adult mosquitoes harbor during daytime hours, and the product is designed to control mosquitoes that land on treated surfaces. These applications can provide lasting control for several days, depending on the product used, the application rate, and weather conditions.

ULV Spray Treatments

ULV spray treatments are applied using an ATV with turf-friendly tires or backpack application equipment. ULV (ultra-low volume) treatments distribute a fine mist of an EPA-registered insecticide into the air. This mist is made of tiny droplets designed to make contact with adult mosquitoes in-flight. Spray treatments are very effective at quickly reducing mosquito populations at the time of treatment and noticeably improving guest comfort.

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Comparing Mosquito Service Providers

There are plenty of companies providing mosquito control services, but not all of them offer the same caliber of service or support. Compare contracts to make sure you understand what is included.

Consider what matters to you as you evaluate these options. Price only? Products used? Having a method of treatment appropriate for your property? Ability to offer notification in advance of each application? Looking for a one-time service or routine, scheduled treatments? Knowing what you prioritize is the first step to choosing the right service provider.

How to Compare Backyard Mosquito Control Service Providers

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