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Mosquito Control Services for Communities, Commercial Properties and Private Homes

Clarke has been providing mosquito control services since 1946. We deliver integrated mosquito management programs that help make communities more livable, safe and comfortable.

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Integrated Mosquito Management

Clarke’s mosquito control service programs are rooted in the principles of integrated mosquito management. Recommended jointly by the EPA and the CDC, integrated mosquito management takes a holistic approach to mosquito control and involves all of the following management strategies:

  • Community education, to earn support for overall mosquito control activities and engage residents in source reduction efforts on their own properties
  • Surveillance to monitor local mosquito populations and detect the presence of arbovirus diseases like West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis or Zika
  • Survey and mapping of known mosquito breeding sites and treatment routes
  • Larval control treatments to prevent mosquito larvae from becoming biting adults
  • Adult mosquito control treatments to provide immediate relief from biting or disease-carrying adult populations
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EarthRight Mosquito Control

Our Earthright mosquito control service program provides the most sustainable public health mosquito control solution available to communities.

Clarke’s EarthRight Mosquito Service Program is one of a kind, using the most environmentally-friendly mosquito control products and eco-friendly application methods like bicycles and electric-powered application machines.

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Weather Emergency and Disease Response Mosquito Control Services

Clarke has a proven record for delivering mosquito control services that help reduce disease transmission activity or improve quality of life conditions in storm and mosquito-borne disease impacted regions for first responders and community residents.

Clarke has played a response role in nearly every weather or disease-related mosquito control service effort since the first U.S. outbreak of West Nile Virus in 1999.

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Aerial Emergency Response
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True Mosquito Control Experts

When you work with Clarke, you get access to our in-house experts dedicated to public health mosquito control, including entomologists, biologists, environmental scientists, research and development scientists, regulatory affairs professionals and public relations experts.

The Clarke team goes to work for you.

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